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    About Dear Sam

    Our Vision

    To create art that makes a difference. From black and white photo art to abstract brush strokes. We want to use simple methods to get you to love your home and to create beautiful environments with your very own personal gallery. Art that makes a difference to you.

    Our method

    We are not a traditional gallery. We create all our art ourselves. We are there for people who love art, interior design, design and fashion. We are there for people who are not afraid to discover the predictable in the unpredictable. We are there for people who want to be part of the latest trends in interior design, fashion and design. We are there for you when you want to decorate your walls. Dear Sam was founded on a love of art and a desire to inspire, change and challenge. Dear Sam offers a unique selection of posters, print art and frames. We have a clear goal from the moment you first visit our website to the moment your order is delivered: to exceed your expectations in every way. As part of our method, we have produced a set of unique packaging. We do everything we can to deliver products of the highest quality to you securely and quickly.

    Quality that makes the difference

    We know that quality makes the difference. All our posters are printed on 240g Multidesign Smooth White paper, which is a high quality uncoated paper from the Clairefontaine paper mill in France. The paper is archival quality, i.e. it does not yellow over time. We print our posters on some of the most modern printing presses in Europe in order to deliver a first-class result at all times.

    Environmental work that makes a difference

    The environment is important to Dear Sam. All our posters are printed on paper bearing the FSC environmental label for responsible forestry and the EU Ecolabel. Our printing facilities are 100% climate-neutral and all production of posters for dearsam.com bears the Svanen environmental label. All our unique packaging is FSC MIX certified and may only contain a mixture of recycled materials and/or materials from controlled sources (Controlled Wood). Source: https://se.fsc.org